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Waypoint Strategic Solutions:
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Waypoint Strategic Solutions is frequently featured in leading business and industry publications. Often quoted as an expert source and featured as a guest contributor, Waypoint is a thought leader in growth strategies.

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Fish where the fish are

June 26, 2018

Drawing a parallel between an angler's fish finder device and a sales agent's strategy, Ric Noreen outlines how to build an effective "client finder". Starting with data on consumers and retailers, this exciting toolset finds the intersection between customers, and retailers likely to serve those customers, to allow sales agents to catch their limit!

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Retail loyalty programs are no longer in the cards

May 15, 2018

Ric once again joins the discussion on RetailWire in a discussion on retail loyalty programs. Many thought leaders joined in to the discussion, triggered by Macy's recent action of allowing customers to join its program without having to sign up for a credit card. Ric notes that the real value of loyalty cards is in the ability of the retailer to glean knowledge about buying trends, and to create customized offers based on the data.


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Association of National Advertisers

May 29, 2018

Joint business planning is often not used to its fullest potential, according to Ric Noreen, in his article in the Association of National Advertisers publication, titled "Joint business planning 2.0 transforms trading relationships." Ric observes that often, JBP is one-sided – but is more effective with a truly collaborative approach that satisfies the needs of all trading partners equally.

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TDAmeritrade Network

April, 2018

Ric Noreen appeared live on TDAmeritrade Network, discussing March retail sales results released by the U.S. census. March results beat the consensus estimate of +0.4 percent by nearly 0.2 percent and the 4.5% gain versus year ago marked the third consecutive month of accelerating growth. Ric says this retail strength is likely to continue, with full year estimates at the high end of the range of 3.8 - 4.4% forecasted by the National Retail Federation. He also suggest that the companies best poised to win this year are the omni-channel retailers who have developed seamless integration between bricks and clicks.

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TDAmeritrade Network

March, 2018

Ric Noreen appeared as a guest on the TDAmeritrade Network, talking with host Oliver Renick about Walmart's recent move to add FedEx shops to 500 of their US stores. On the show, Ric discussed the benefits to both parties, with Walmart gaining store traffic, while FedEx gained distribution ubiquity with added consumer touchpoints. 

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It's time for joint business planning 2.0

March, 29, 2018

Joint business planning between trading partners needs to be re-evaluated to be a true game-changer. Ric Noreen's article outlines a vision for JBP2.0, which is equally shared and collaboratively developed. Doing so would positively transform relationships between trading partners and deliver sustainable growth, bringing new opportunities to all parties.


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It takes a village to raise a business in value channels

March, 2018

Ric Noreen writes about where the real retail growth is occurring today -- in value-channel outlets; and how those dollar stores and discount grocers are appealing to a more affluent demographic.

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All customers are not created equal

January 9, 2018

Ric Noreen's original thought leadership appeared in this article, outlining a strategy of creating customer segments and leveraging an index of customer attractiveness. Organizations who have used this type of customer triage have seen impressive results in terms of growth and profitability.

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Elusive loyalty: How retailers keep 'em coming back for more

November 27, 2017

Retail is a generational business and embraces change slowly. In this article, Ric Noreen is quoted talking about how retailers need to step out of their comfort zones to understand how to bring ecommerce into the mainstream.

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Ready or not? Black Friday online shopping frenzy

November 17, 2017

Black Friday will never be the same again. Shopping will be at an all-time high, but shoppers are looking online to avoid long queues. Ric Noreen gives his insights into Black Friday trends.

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The myth of the retail apocalypse

November 15, 2017

The "retail apocalypse" may not be as serious as some reports claim. In this analysis, Rick Noreen is quoted offering insights into changing retail trends, and advice for retailers who need to change strategies to survive.

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Tech and ecommerce drive a closer alliance between marketing and sales

November 9, 2017

Ric Noreen is quoted in this industry article, discussing how the marketing and sales functions must be more closely aligned -- and how newer ecommerce tactics are driving that change.

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Is Shelf Space Still Relevant?

October 23, 2017

Ric Noreen is quoted in this industry thought piece on how the importance of shelf space is taking second place to other digital considerations.

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A Guide to the Gig Economy

October, 2017

Ric Noreen is quoted in a Merrill Lynch publication's insightful look at the gig economy, and how more workers are embracing this model -- and how to manage it successfully.

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New Collaboration Model for CPG and Retail

September, 2017

Ric Noreen writes for CPGmatters on how the greatest hidden asset for driving retail transformation is data, and the sharing of that data between retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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What Are Some Common Missteps When Launching Loyalty Programs?

August 25, 2017

Ric Noreen weighs in on this lively discussion, noting that the shortfall in many retail loyalty programs is under-utilization of data, looking at new ways to get true ROI from loyalty programs.

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Is It Time to Reinvent Category Management?

August 10, 2017

Ric Noreen adds to the discussion here, taking a look at the next generation of category management, which will be marked by more data, analytics, and insights with stronger collaboration between CPG supplier and retailer.

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Retail Thinking Outside the Big Box

August 11, 2017

In this feature article, Ric Noreen is quoted on the reasons behind the current retail crisis, noting a tendency to cling to the status quo, existing investments in real estate, and a lack of understanding of the technical side of the business as common factors in lack of retail growth.

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Collaborative Success By The Numbers

September 1, 2015

Ric Noreen lends his thought leadership to this feature story on achieving a successful collaboration between retailers and brands.

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Pulling Together

June, 2012

Transparency in the supply chain can yield lower costs, improved shopper insights and innovative new products. Ric Noreen is quoted throughout this article, offering his insights on the next frontier of retail, and a more lively information exchange between retailers and manufacturers.

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Striking a Balance

April, 2012

In this feature story, Ric Noreen is quoted talking about consolidation trends, and the problems involved ln imposing a centralized model in an environment where one size does not fit all.

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