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Strategic Planning

It all starts here. 

+ Annual Sales Operating Planning

+ Strategic Sales Planning
+ Trade Planning
+ Annual Joint Business Planning
+ Long Range Joint Business Planning
+ Category Management

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Global Consumer Products Company

Ric Noreen of Waypoint Strategic Solutions has been a member of Newell's Global Customer Development Leadership Team since their transformation to an operating company structure in 2012. In a sales strategy role we have been instrumental in designing a one-company sales structure, creating and implementing the company's first annual planning process, launching a 3-year joint planning process and leading a wide range of market development initiatives. We have performed the same functions globally, with a robust roster of market development initiatives planned and executed in the UK, Europe, and Australia.


Global CPG Marketer

Waypoint developed a breakthrough joint planning process for Unilever's North America unit. This 3-year collaborative planning process turned external and internal insights into growth platforms, areas of focus and specific plans by year, many of which were collaboratively developed with customers and jointly executed. Subsequently, Waypoint helped refine their annual operating plan process and solidified their channel strategies and priorities.

International Hand
Tool Group

Apex sought to affect a transformation of their sales force from a service and relationship focused model to one of demand creation. To determine where and how to focus, a 3-dimnesional customer segmentation analysis across and within channels identified large, growing and profitable accounts. By identifying the common levers for each group, a 3-year Strategic Sales Plan was developed with 3 sustaining growth platforms and multiple initiatives for each. Year 1 was transformed into a detailed Operating Plan by channel and a robust set of KPIs tracked monthly.


Retailer Brands Co-Operative

In service to their coo-op members, Topco sought to launch a buying group strategy for branded products in key categories. Waypoint created the construct for the procurement and promotional program, identified high-potential categories and vendors to enroll, and marketed the opportunity to co-op members and vendors alike.


Global Marketing Agency

Amarati Puris Lintas, subsequently acquired by a leading global advertising agency , Publicis, retained Waypoint to help create a new business proposition for a +100MM global telecom provider. Market analysis, benchmarks, prototype marketing strategies, and advertising campaigns were developed by the team, as well as the full day multi-media meeting presentation.


Wholesale Grocer

C&S is the largest grocery wholesaler in the U.S., supplying National and Regional Chains and Independent Grocers in the East, South, and West Coast regions. Waypoint Strategic Solutions has helped the C&S Commercial Sales organization evolve from a service-oriented function to a demand-driving force. We have helped craft a long-range sales strategy, developed a customer-centric sales structure, and created a market segmentation model to guide smart sales deployment and routing. Waypoint also helped transform their Corporate Merchandising Group to a category-based organization and installed a end-to-end prioritization process driven to store level.

Case Study:

Large CPG Marketer

A large consumer product goods manufacturer sought to accelerate growth and deepen the relationship with their largest omni-channel retailer/distributor. Waypoint developed a customized joint business planning process which identified a range of market insights. Their implications were transformed into strategic growth platforms, resulting in a 3-year mutually agreed upon strategic growth plan.

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